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Hi, passionate soul! I’m Janice.
Founder of OM Life Living & self-made Yogapreneur.

If we haven’t met already, I left behind a life of medicine to follow my dream in Yoga leggings, spending years learning tough lessons and spinning the hamster wheel of being a soulful solopreneur. 

I’ve worn MANY hats, too. Marketing, Sales, Content, Talent, Tech, IT, Operations, Distribution, Hiring… the list goes on! Trust me, I know HOW much it takes to run a successful business. 

And one of my biggest limiting beliefs along the way was learning, although, yes, I can do everything… sometimes I don’t HAVE to. 

Because, at some point, to ascend and move towards our limitless legacies, we need to step away from doing everything, invest, and focus on our zones of genius. 

…And I totally get that Investing in ourselves is one thing, BUT investing in another team is really tough when your business is your baby — your life purpose.  

That’s why I created OM Life Creative. 

A full-service creative suite that’s in alignment with our clients. Where you don’t just get exceptional service but a soulful strategy that can instantly quantum leap your business.

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Meet the founder — Janice liou

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